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"Becky's keynote was the perfect way to end our conference. We needed to be encouraged in the difficult work that we do, and her words and her story (and her music) were truly inspiring... just what the doctor ordered!"  Pennsylvania Conference attendee 

"Becky, I can't thank you enough... You are not just a scholar who pretends to know what I am going through. You have a genuine heart, full of wisdom. When you spoke, I listened, and the outcome of my situation was blessed beyond measure. You reminded me with softness and power what love looks like... courage to speak the truth to me... so glad you did! Your words have impacted my entire outlook on life. I am a better person because of you."  *Oklahoma Mother of five (Blended family)* 

"It has been my privilege to meet Becky Wright, hear her story of adoption, and see her passion for birth families, adoptive families, and children. She is a true heroine of our day in her untiring efforts to remind us that all children need permanent, loving families." Deniese Dillon, Executive Director, Dillon International

"God-focused, inspiring, uplifting. Becky and her music will move you to touch the transcendent realities of life . . . and move you to go deeper with God. You will connect with her story on many levels--and be encouraged." 
Dr. Byron Spradlin, President & CEO, Artists in Christian Testimony, Intl. (Nashville)

"Becky gives voice to the voiceless and vision for the forgotten... she lives it out not just on stage, but at home, too!"  Andy Lehman, Lifesong for Orphans

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